Older Workers Face Long, Frustrating Job Search

Publication: MSNBC.com

Author: Allison Linn

06/03/2010 - After more than three decades in the restaurant and hotel industry, Ron Pierson didn’t think he’d have trouble getting a job when he found himself without work in February 2008.

But in the more than two years since he lost his job, Pierson, 55, has applied for hundreds of positions, ranging from management all the way down to  busboy openings he hopes will give him a foot in the door.


The recession has left millions of Americans without work, and skittishness about hiring again has made it extremely difficult for laid-off workers to find new jobs. Nearly 3.5 million Americans, or 23 percent of the total unemployed, had been jobless for a year or more as of December 2009, according to a Pew Economic Policy Group report.

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