Dolphin Expert Slams Oil Plans

Publication: The Islander

Author: Shauna Black

05/27/2010 - The State Government has its processes back to front, according to marine mammal expert Dr Mike Bossley, commenting on the prospect of oil exploration off Kangaroo Island.

“Much of the area in question is part of the Department for Environment and Heritage’s proposed conservation area for Marine Protected Areas."


Michelle Grady of the Pew Environment Group said the government had “jumped the gun” by calling for licence applications. “A groundswell of community concern, including 2000 letters to the Federal Resources Minister, is growing in local communities that may lose the opportunity of marine sanctuaries, and gain instead the risk of oil spills.

“Over the last 18 months, 76 oil and gas approvals have been made in Australia’s Commonwealth waters but no marine reserves have been declared,” Ms Grady said.

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