Smart Beginnings Invests in Kids

Publication: Richmond Times-Dispatch

Author: Katherine Calos

06/01/2010 - Thomas N. Chewning has solid credentials as a fiscal conservative, so when he talks about the importance of early childhood development, it's from an investment perspective -- a social investment perspective.

He's the chairman of the Smart Beginnings Leadership Council and retired chief financial officer of Dominion Resources Inc.

Children from birth to age 5 are the focus of Smart Beginnings, which is a joint project of the United Way and Greater Richmond Chamber in connection with more than 180 public and private organizations, agencies and businesses.


Home visits for the woman and her children cost about $4,300 per year, but without that help, she and her children likely would have cost society much more, Chewning said. A single year in prison costs nearly $29,000, according to a 2009 report by the Pew Center on the States.

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