Voting Information Project

Publication: Politics Magazine

Author: Jeremy P. Jacobs

06/01/2010 - How much time did you spend educating voters that your candidate was on the ballot in the last local race you worked? How many resources did you dedicate to helping voters find their polling place? At registration drives, how many voters told you they didn't know whether they were registered or not? And how infuriating was walking voters through a circa-1990 state election board Web site to find basic election information?
The answer to most or all of those questions is probably "a lot." But help could be on the way.
Providing that sort of information is the mission of the Voting Information Project, a joint venture from Google and the Pew Center on the States. The project is giving state election boards the tools they need to make hard to find information readily available and searchable through the use of technologies like Google Maps.
"It's a way of shortening the distance between the official information that lives in the back end of state election Web sites and the voters who are looking for it," says Doug Chapin of Pew.

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