Experts Weigh Chances of Kerry-Lieberman Energy Bill

Publication: Washington Post

05/16/2010 - Sens. John F. Kerry and Joseph I. Lieberman introduced a long-awaited climate and energy bill on Thursday. The Post asked environmental and policy experts to assess climate legislation's chances. Below, responses from Phyllis Cuttino, Frank O'Donnell, John W. Rowe, Dan Schnur, Kenneth P. Green, William Antholis and Strobe Talbott.


PHYLLIS CUTTINO, Director of the Pew Environment Group's climate and energy programs

To paraphrase the writing on a car's passenger-side mirror, a comprehensive climate bill may be closer than it appears. Perception always rules the day in Congress, with nothing so obvious as legislation that has no chance -- but then once it starts moving, it was always inevitable.

In fact, if President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid can see a measure to the floor, adding further energy and oil spill components to the Kerry-Lieberman language and then allowing an open amendment process, senators of both parties will be confronted by a series of defining choices.

Read the rest of Phyllis Cuttino's analysis in the article Experts Weigh Chances of Kerry-Lieberman Energy Bill on the Washington Post's Web site.

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