Pew Center Targets Louisiana for Enhanced Nursing Program for New Mothers

Publication: The News-Star

Author: Matthew Hamilton

04/20/2010 - Louisiana is one of four states to join the Pew Center on States’ campaign to send more nurses into low-income homes and thwart the risks of child abuse, crime and disease.

Pew, a national organization with a multibillion dollar trust, will seek partners to advocate for an additional $2.5 million for the Nurse Family Partnership program in the midst of a shrinking state budget. The additional funding would increase program’s service from 15 percent to 20 percent of Medicaid-eligible, first-time mothers.


John Schlitt, the Pew’s Home Visiting Campaign director, said the state’s needs were a factor in the decision to focus advocacy efforts in Louisiana as well as North Carolina, Ohio and Washington. But just as important were the willing partners in the government and policy community. He cited Louisiana’s 10-year history with NFP and the state’s legislative commission blueprint for growing the program as good-faith efforts to improving the lives of children.

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