Scientists Ask Obama to Back National Roadless Rule

Publication: Summit County Citizens Voice

Author: Bob Berwyn

04/14/2010 - A panel of conservation scientists and a former deputy forest service chief said Wednesday morning that Colorado’s version of a roadless rule puts valuable ecosystem services at risk by creating a “virtual grab-bag of potential development projects” on roadless national forest lands in the state.

Speaking in a teleconference, the scientists disputed the Colorado claim that the state roadless rule protects more roadless acres than the national version of the rule, which is still caught up in legal limbo. They called on the Obama administration to reject the Colorado version and to stick with the national rule.


A legal analysis of the Colorado proposal, prepared for the Pew Environment Group, concludes that the state plan would open “significantly greater amounts of Colorado’s remaining roadless areas to tree-cutting, road construction, and continued mineral development than the national rule adopted by the Forest Service in 2001.”

Read the full article Scientists Ask Obama to Back National Roadless Rule on the Summit County Citizens Voice's Web site.

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