Scientists Write to Obama to Oppose Colorado Roadless-Forest Proposal

Publication: Denver Business Journal

Author: Mark Harden

04/14/2010 - A group of 520 scientists — including several from Colorado — have written to President Barack Obama in opposition to Colorado’s plan to manage some 4.2 million acres of roadless national forest land in the state and in support of existing — and, in their view, tougher — federal roadless rules that have been the subject of a long-running court battle.

In the letter, released Wednesday, the scientists argued that Colorado’s proposed rules would open roadless areas in the state to new coal mining and oil and gas development. They scientists refer to the “scientific importance of this landmark [federal] environmental policy and our concern about attempts to undermine its protections” in Colorado.

The scientists’ effort was under the auspices of the Pew Environment Group, the conservation arm of the Pew Charitable Trusts.

Read the full article Scientists Write to Obama to Oppose Colorado Roadless-Forest Proposal on the Denver Business Journal's Web site.

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