Hill Republicans Vow to Fight for Cuts

Publication: The Washington Times

Author: Stephen Dinan

04/13/2010 - Senate Republicans vowed Monday that they will try to force Congress to start cutting programs to pay for new spending. Democrats promised to make the GOP suffer for making their first stand on a bill to extend the time frame that the jobless can collect unemployment benefits.

The unemployment fight has become the battleground for the spending wars, and Republicans lost the first skirmish Monday when the Senate voted 60-34 to begin debate on a bill that would spend $9.2 billion, without offsetting spending cuts, to enact a short-term extension of benefits for the jobless.


The Pew Economic Policy Group, in a report last week, said spending could reach $168 billion this year, which marks a giant increase over the 2005 through 2007 period, when annual federal spending on unemployment insurance was between $31 billion and $33 billion, Pew said.

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