Bluefin Tuna - Fisher

Publication: The Current

03/16/2010 - We started this segment with the sound of Dennis Braid from the Outdoor Channel's Monster Fish catching a 750-pound Bluefin Tuna off the coast of Prince Edward Island. These prized fish, coveted in sushi restaurants around the world, can fetch up to 100-thousand dollars.

But stocks are plummeting, particularly in the Atlantic, where bluefin tuna is now considered rare. This week, representatives of the 175 nations belonging to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species - or CITES - are meeting in Doha to discuss a proposal to ban the international trade in Atlantic bluefin tuna. The proposal was put forward by Monaco and is backed by the United States and the European Union and would not affect bluefin tuna caught in the Pacific.


For more on the politicking behind endangered species bans, we were joined by Sue Lieberman. She's the director of international policy with the Pew Environment Group ... the conservation arm of The Pew Charitable Trusts - an American think tank. We reached Sue Lieberman at the CITES conference in Doha, Qatar.

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