U.S. Supports Ban on Popular Sushi Fish, the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

Publication: USA Today

Author: Elizabeth Weise

03/03/2010 - In a decision that had many in the conservation world holding their breaths, the United States on Wednesday announced it is supporting an effort to ban the international trade in Atlantic bluefin tuna, a species whose population has plummeted because of its extreme popularity among consumers of sushi and sashimi.

Research shows its population has declined more than 80% since 1970.


The decision by the United States "could be a real game changer for the species," Susan Lieberman, director of international policy at the Pew Environment Group, said in a statement. "Other governments can either join Monaco and the United States in boldly supporting the conservation of bluefin tuna, sharks and other marine species or they can yield to commercial fishing interests that focus more on short-term profits than a sustainable future for both fish and local fishing communities."

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