Major Cities Share Philadelphia's Budget Woes

Publication: Philadelphia Inquirer

Author: Christopher K. Hepp

03/04/2010 - If misery does indeed love company, Philadelphians have reason to rejoice with their city's budget woes.

They are, it seems, far from alone.

Whether it's New York, where they are talking about new taxes on co-op apartments and aviation fuel, or Phoenix, where they have just enacted a 2 percent food tax, the nation's major cities are almost uniformly confronting unprecedented fiscal crises.

Like Philadelphia, those cities are turning to a mix of service cuts and tax hikes to balance the books. Unlike Philadelphia, some are shedding workers.

"A lot of places are struggling," said Larry Eichel, project director of the Pew Charitable Trusts' Philadelphia Research Initiative, which has done two recent reports on how cities are coping with the fiscal crisis.

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