Brussels Call for Bluefin Tuna Ban

Publication: Financial Times

Author: Joshua Chaffin

02/22/2010 - Trade in bluefin tuna should be banned to protect the fish from extinction, the European Commission said on Monday, building momentum for new protection of the species loved by sushi eaters in Japan and elsewhere.

“Since there is a high risk that Atlantic bluefin tuna will soon be gone forever, we have no other choice than to act now and propose a ban on international trade,” said Janez Potocnik, Europe’s new environment commissioner.

Yet the Commission’s position, which must still be approved by member states, left environmentalists lukewarm because it would delay any ban until next year, and also require further scientific analysis.

“It’s disappointing,” said Sue Lieberman, director of international policy at the Pew Environment Group. “If you agree a species is endangered, then you don’t allow a free-for-all.”

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