Tuna at Risk? Sushi Chefs Find Other Fish in the Sea

Publication: Boston Globe

Author: Devra First

02/22/2010 - At Miya’s Sushi in New Haven, you won’t find endangered bluefin tuna on the menu. For that matter, you won’t find many traditional sushi staples. Miya’s is part of a sustainable sushi movement that’s growing nationwide.

“I don’t miss the ingredients,’’ says chef Bun Lai. “It forces me to be much more creative and search for other ingredients. In my experience, if you stick to what you actually believe in, people will follow you.’’


Next month, at a Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species meeting in Qatar, countries will vote on whether to ban international trade of bluefin, 80 percent of which is sold to Japan. “This is the moment to save the fishery,’’ says Susan Lieberman, director of international policy with the Pew Environmental Group. “There are alternatives for the consumer.’’

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