Virus-Carrying Salmon Will Not Sicken Humans, FDA Says

Publication: CNN

Author: Ashley Fantz

02/18/2010 - The Food and Drug Administration says Chilean salmon is still safe to consume despite a virus that has killed scores of fish.

"We have no information that there is any harm that can come from eating Chilean salmon," said Ira Allen, a spokesman for the FDA Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition.


Andrea Kavanagh, manager of the Salmon Aquaculture Reform Campaign, a nonprofit affiliated with the Pew Environment Group in Washington, said more government involvement is needed. "Pew has been concerned about the use of pesticides and chemicals in salmon, and we've been prodding the FDA to do more testing." Pew Environment Group is dedicated to improving worldwide conditions for raising salmon.

Read the full article Virus-Carrying Salmon Will Not Sicken Humans, FDA Says on the CNN's Web site.

Pew is no longer active in this line of work, but for more information, visit the Salmon Aquaculture Reform campaign.

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