Bluefin Tuna May Hit the Critical List

Publication: Gulf News

Author: Emmanuelle Landais

02/18/2010 - After a single bluefin tuna recently sold for more than Dh650,000 in Japan and made into some of the world's most expensive sushi, the international community is gearing up to meet in Doha next month to vote whether the worldwide export of the critically endangered species should be banned.

The bluefin tuna is fished in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea for the Japanese market, but GCC countries familiar with over fishing and its impact on the hammour, should use their votes to protect the bluefin tuna from being fished to extinction, said one of the bans strong supporters.


"There is illegal fishing going on in the Mediterranean; it's not featured on any appendices and any quota issued will not be enough for the stocks to recover," said Dr Susan Lieberman, deputy director of the Washington-based Pew Environment Group. "And of course that's not all they're catching. Other species caught as by-catch is enormous," she said.

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