Editorial: Poll Position

Publication: Philadelphia Inquirer

02/17/2010 - Struggling elected officials often say that the only poll that counts is taken on Election Day, but Mayor Nutter - after a tough year - has to be pleased with a Pew survey that came out last week.

Nutter's job-approval numbers among Philadelphians were impressively solid, rising 6 points above the 47 percent mark he got in the spring.

And the new survey was taken before the mayor took a snow shovel in hand and scored popularity points by pitching in to clear city sidewalks, following a mammoth winter storm that city crews battled better than they have in the past.

The bump in Nutter's job-approval rating from the spring – when the city's budget woes were center-stage – could mean that city residents understand that these difficult economic times call for fiscal tough love. That's good, because much more of that is needed.

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