Fishermen Reeling Over Red Snapper Fishing Ban

Publication: All Things Considered

Author: Greg Allen

01/04/2010 - In Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas, a new federal rule has fishermen angry. A ban on fishing for red snapper—one of the most popular saltwater fish — starts Jan. 4.

Federal agencies and environmental groups say that in the south Atlantic, red snapper numbers are dwindling. So along with the ban, officials also propose temporarily closing a huge area to virtually all fishing.


Holly Binns, with the Pew Environment Group’s campaign to end overfishing in the Southeast, says people who want to fish will still have other options.

"I think it’s important to keep in mind that 80 percent of what recreational fishermen caught in the waters off the coast of these four states last year will still be open to fishing," Binns says.

Listen to Fishermen Reeling Over Red Snapper Fishing Ban on National Public Radio's Web site.

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