Editorial: Long Term Should Guide Red Snapper Regulations

Publication: The Island Packet

01/05/2010 - Short-term pain for long-term gain is the best way to describe a plan to ban bottom fishing along the Continental Shelf from Charleston to south Florida.

The plan aims to save the popular but imperiled red snapper, which is at just 3 percent of its 1945 population level. Forty-percent of that 1945 level is thought to be a sustainable population.


Representatives of the Pew Environment Group say the council didn't go far enough. The decision reversed a committee decision that would have closed a larger area.

Holly Binns, manager for the Pew Environment Group's Campaign to End Overfishing in the Southeast, said in a statement that the change resulted in "a weakened measure that caters to short-term thinking and won't get the job done."

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