Most Original News Reporting Comes From Traditional Sources, Study Finds

Publication: Los Angeles Times

Author: Ben Fritz

01/11/2010 - As the number of sources for news proliferates on digital platforms, most original reporting still comes from newspapers, television and radio.

study by the Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ) that surveyed news gathering in Baltimore as an example of nationwide trends found that 95% of stories with fresh information came from "old media," and the vast majority of that from newspapers.

"The expanding universe of new media, including blogs, Twitter and local websites – at least in Baltimore – played only a limited role: mainly an alert system and a way to disseminate stories from other places," the study's authors write.

PEJ, a nonpartisan project funded by the Pew Research Center, studied news reporting from 53 sources for three days in Baltimore, and followed six key stories for a week, in an effort to understand how the "ecosystem" of news operates in an age when new media is expanding and older outlets are losing resources.

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