Washington Warned of Crisis Unless Debt is Stabilised

Publication: Financial Times

Author: Krishna Guha

12/15/2009 - The US is heading for a public debt crisis unless action is taken soon to stabilise debt relative to national income, a bipartisan group of former congressmen, White House officials and budget experts warned yesterday.

"There is a real crisis looming," said Bill Frenzel, a former Republican ranking member of the House budget committee. Jim Jones, a former Democratic chairman of the committee, said there was no way of knowing when a market backlash might materialise.

The group, known as the Peterson-Pew Commission, called on Democrats and Republicans to agree on a binding debt to gross domestic product target of 60 per cent by 2018. Under the plan, an enforcement mechanism would impose spending cuts and a tax surcharge if Congress failed to achieve the target in 2018 and each year beyond.

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