Bluefin Tuna Quota Cut Not Enough: Environmentalists

Publication: AFP

11/15/2009 - Environmentalists on Sunday warned bluefin tuna was on its way to extinction after a international meeting of fishery ministry officials trimmed catch quotas but upheld continued hauls of the fish, prized in sushi dishes.

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Susan Lieberman, the head of international policy for the Pew Environment Group, told AFP in a telephone interview that while a quota cut was a positive step, it was "too little too late" and was "not enough for even 50 percent chance of recovering the species."

"We were calling for a suspension" of all bluefin tuna catches for at least a year, or, failing that, the quota of "8,000 tons or less," she said.

"What they are doing is responding to economic pressures from the fishing industry. But in the long term there won't be a fishing industry," she said.

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