Political Foes Team Up to Improve Voter Registration

Publication: NPR

Author: Pam Fessler

11/03/2009 - In this lull between major elections, advisers from recent Republican and Democratic presidential campaigns have joined together to try to come up with a better way to register voters.

An estimated two million Americans were unable to vote in last year's elections because of problems with their registration. Others didn't even bother to register because it was too difficult.


Doug Chapin with the Pew Center on the States says one idea is to have an individual's voter record be more portable and automatically updated when they move. Chapin says that could eliminate a lot of confusion at the polls.

"Election offices are swamped with thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of registration applications. And then they have a very small amount of time to turn those piles of paper into voter rolls, all the while checking eligibility, putting voters in the right precinct," Chapin said.

 Listen to the audio of "All Things Considered" on voter registration or read the article.

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