Measuring Up to Health Reform

Publication: The Faster Times

Author: Alec Appelbaum

10/30/2009 - Nobody knows exactly how changing Americans’ health insurance options will change our national bottom line, but a new philanthropic project is trying to measure the bottom-line effects to our health of the big budgetary decisions government makes when it’s not wrestling with medical reform.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation announced last week that it’s teaming with the Pew Charitable Trusts to divvy $7.2 million in grants for 15 projects that show how capital investment in transportation and other big-ticket items affect peoples’ health. Health impact assessments (which I’ll refuse to acronymize) put dollar values on chronic or morbid conditions that researchers can trace to policies (siting power plants, let’s say, or closing factories) and highlight “subgroups” that need special attention.

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