Oil Spill Damage Weighs on West Australian Minds

Publication: WA Today

Author: Aja Styles

10/23/2009 - Nine out of 10 West Australians have voiced concern about long term oil spill damage, while gallons of oil continue to pump into the ocean just off the Kimberley coast.


Kimberley Manager for Pew Environment Group, John Carey said: "The information is unclear.

"The company has set a figure of 400 barrels a day but they haven't provided any data to back that.

"It is a pretty sad state of affairs that after eight weeks we still don't know what's happened.

"It's still up around 20,000 barrels, even using conservative estimates."

Read the full article Oil Spill Damage Weighs on West Australian Minds on the WA Today's Web site.

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