Second Failure to Plug Oil Rig Leak off Australia

Publication: ABC Radio Australia

10/14/2009 - The disastrous spill in the Timor Sea between Australia and East Timor is still spewing-out oil after the failure of a second attempt to plug it. The West Atlas rig has now been leaking for nearly eight weeks. Now there'll have to be a third attempt to stop the flow, but the date for that won't be set until today.

Environmentalists are calling for the company to reveal how much oil has been spilled, and what caused the leak in the first place.

Presenter: David Weber
Speaker: John Carey, Kimberley Manager of the PEW Environment Group; Associate Professor Monique Gagnon, environmental contamination expert at Curtin University

Listen to the audio broadcast Second Failure to Plug Oil Rig Leak off Australia on Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio Australia's Web site.

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