Budget Cuts Hamper Cities’ Census Outreach

Publication: The New York Times' City Room

Author: Sewell Chan

10/12/2009 - Budget cuts driven by the economic recession have hampered big cities’ efforts to raise public awareness of the 2010 census, a development that could result in urban populations being undercounted and cities getting short-changed in the allocation of government financing, according to a report released Monday by The Pew Charitable Trusts.

While the report, prepared by the foundation’s Philadelphia Research Initiative, focuses on that city, it quotes Joseph J. Salvo, who is chief of New York City’s population division, as saying, “Nobody is expecting a good census in 2010. I’m not optimistic. Since the last census we had 9/11, privacy issues, trust of government issues. And there’s been no public declaration that we’re going to suspend immigration raids like in 2000.”

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