Boston is Lagging in Census Readiness

Publication: Boston Globe

Author: Brian MacQuarrie

10/13/2009 - With the once-in-a-decade US Census approaching next year, Boston is lagging behind the preparation timeline recommended by the federal government, according to the author of a survey released yesterday by The Pew Charitable Trusts.

The city has yet to formally announce the formation of its “complete count committee,’’ despite a suggestion by the Census Bureau to have such groups officially launched by last spring or summer, said Thomas Ginsberg, who led the study of Boston and 10 other major US cities.

“All the cities are . . . having difficulties to various degrees because of resources,’’ Ginsberg said. In addition to Boston, the cities of Philadelphia, Chicago, and Detroit have not announced the creation of their committees.

“It’s not an insurmountable thing, but it does put them behind where the Census Bureau ideally wants them at this point,’’ Ginsberg said of Boston’s preparations. “That’s not to say that it hasn’t done work internally or made progress.’’

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