Pew Study Finds Phila. Lagging in Census Prep

Publication: Philadelphia Inquirer

Author: Joseph A. Slobodzian

10/13/2009 - Could Philadelphia's six-decade slide in population be over?

City officials think so. The difficulty is proving it - and making sure the increase is reflected in next year's U.S. census, the once-a-decade count of Americans that determines federal funding and how many representatives a region gets in Congress and legislatures.

Yesterday, the Pew Charitable Trusts sounded an alarm, warning that its survey of 11 major cities showed Philadelphia lagging behind most in organizing outreach and awareness programs urging residents to participate in the census.

Tricia Enright, deputy chief of staff to Mayor Nutter, acknowledged that Philadelphia had not formalized announcements and committees about census awareness.

Nevertheless, Enright said, "We're very confident we will have a robust, effective, complete count of our communities."

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