Autism Rates and Factory Farming

Publication: CBS News

Author: Brian Montopoli

10/07/2009 - Two hot but somewhat under-the-radar topics were featured on "Washington Unplugged" Wednesday.

The first was autism, and, specifically, the debate over the link between autism rates and childhood vaccinations. Guest David Kirby, a journalist and the author of "Evidence Of Harm" and "Animal Factory," told moderator Sharyl Attkisson that it is "astounding," "shocking" and "scandalous" that there is not more of an outcry over statistics that show one in 100 children – and one in 60 boys – will develop an autism spectrum disorder.

The other topic was factory farming. Guest Laura Rogers, Project Director of the Pew Campaign on Human Health and Industrial Farming, discussed overuse of antibiotics on industrial farms.

Watch video of the story Autism Rates and Factory Farming on CBS News' Web site.

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