Mass. Doctors Get Big Money From Drug Companies

Publication: Boston's WCVB TV5

09/25/2009 - Pharmaceutical companies are paying doctors in Massachusetts and across the country stunning amounts of money, Team 5 Investigates reported Thursday.

Drug manufacturer Eli Lilly recently released a list of doctors paid to do what's called advising and education. But critics told Team 5 these payments are for nothing more than a sales pitch, and they create a conflict of interest.

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"We think it's not appropriate," said Allan Coukell of the Pew Prescription Project. He said these payments are driving up prescription drug costs for everyone.

"Study after study after study shows that the companies are very good at influencing prescribing behavior," Coukell said. "The drugs that are the most heavily marketed are invariably the newer, more expensive drugs."

Read the full article Mass. Doctors Get Big Money From Drug Companies or view the related broadcast clip Doctors Paid Big By Drug Companies? on Boston's WCVB TV5 Web site.

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