Pew Study Says Phila. Not Alone in Budget Crunch

Publication: Philadelphia Business Journal

Author: Athena D. Merritt

09/22/2009 - Missed budget deadlines and mayoral threats of the need for massive layoffs unless union concessions were made wasn’t just a Philadelphia thing, according to a report released Tuesday by the Pew Charitable Trusts’ Philadelphia Research Initiative.

Philadelphia was among other major cities, including Los Angeles, Detroit and Baltimore, which had a budget process that stretched well past the June 30 deadline. Also common, across the country, were threats by big-city mayors of the need for massive layoffs that could only be averted by across-the-board concessions by unions.

The findings are among those in “Layoffs, Furloughs and Unions Concessions: The Prolonged and Painful Process of Balancing City Budgets.” It is an update to last May’s Pew report, “Tough Decisions and Limited Options: How Philadelphia and Other Cities are Balancing Budgets in a Time of Recession.”

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