Nutter Says Concessions from City Unions a Must-Have

Publication: Philadelphia Daily News

Author: Catherine Lucey

09/23/2009 - Mayor Nutter has repeatedly said he needs contract concessions to balance his budget, but has so far avoided threatening layoffs if workers don't comply.

According to new report from The Pew Charitable Trusts, mayors in other cities have done just that - pushed workers to take furlough days or pay cuts, or risk massive layoffs.

"I think obviously, the mayor has chosen not to do that here in a public way," said Larry Eichel, project director of Pew's Philadelphia Research Initiative.

Contracts for the city's four municipal unions expired June 30 and new deals have not been struck, in part due to the extended effort in Harrisburg to approve a hike in the city sales tax, which finally succeeded last week.

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