Editorial: Remove Chill from Climate Debate

Publication: The Tampa Tribune

09/06/2009 - Two groups have frozen the debate over climate change in this country. On one side are wholehearted believers pushing for an environmental revolution to avoid impending doom. On the other are disbelievers who see any sacrifice as a job-killing waste.

Further confusing things are special interests trying to grab government subsidies or raise more money for their cause or employer. Everyone else has been mostly shut out.


A good starting point is a presentation by former Sen. John Warner and retired Navy Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn. They came to Tampa recently as part of a national tour to get informed debates going on university campuses and military bases.

Backed by Pew Charitable Trusts, they invite you to look at the climate issue from military and economic perspectives. Their approach is prudent, fact-based and eye-opening.

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