On the Record (Summer 2009 Trust Magazine perspective)

Source Organization: The Pew Charitable Trusts

08/12/2009 - Recent quotes from Pew's experts are highlighted here.

“The Obama Administration’s plan for the first national standard for tailpipe greenhouse gas emissions is a significant step forward in American energy and global warming policy, to the benefit of us all. This will ensure that automakers produce the fuel-efficient cars Americans demand, saving consumers’ money at the pump, reducing our dependence on oil and cutting the pollution that threatens the public’s health and our environment. “This ends years of dispute over who should regulate tailpipe emissions. Due to the president’s leadership, state officials, automakers and environmentalists, who have long debated these standards in the courts, now endorse a federal plan that gives industry predictability while protecting states’ rights to clean-car regulation.”

—Phyllis Cuttino, director of the Pew Environment Group’s U.S. Global Warming Campaign, on President Obama’s national plan cutting global warming pollution from new cars and light trucks.

“These results are a reminder that people consider protection from violence and crime to be the basic city service. Unless Philadelphians feel safe, little else matters to them.”

—Larry Eichel, Philadelphia Research Initiative, following release of a poll that probed residents’ attitudes about the factors that make the city a good place to live.

“From my perspective, which is that of an advocate who is interested in seeing the arts sector in the community thrive, it may not be such a bad thing that [arts journalism] is migrating from print to online, maybe a kind of mixed situation. Our primary interest is still in seeing that the arts sector is maximally accessible to its audiences and has the maximum kind of life in the public discourse.”

—Marian Godfrey, senior director, Pew’s Culture Initiatives, participating on a panel on the future of arts journalism hosted by Christie’s.

“In the coming year, Congress is likely to establish a new framework for financial regulation that may well be with us for the next 50 years. We can make a valuable contribution on a host of important issues by ensuring that we incorporate the lessons learned from past regulatory interventions.”

—Peter Wallison, the American Enterprise Institute, on the launch of the Pew Financial Reform Project, whose task force of academics, financial industry representatives and policy experts he chairs with Martin Baily of the Brookings Institution.

“While massive escapes often make headline news, the daily, unreported leakages from open-net salmon farms can be equally devastating to the surrounding marine ecosystem. “The industry needs to adopt better technology to dramatically reduce the number of escapes before it’s too late.”

—Alex Munoz, Oceana Chile, a partner organization in the Pure Salmon Campaign, a global coalition.

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