A New Look at Poverty Pinpoints Neighborhoods

Publication: Charlotte Observer

07/31/2009 - It has puzzled many people for years: After legal race discrimination was outlawed, why haven't more black Americans achieved more prosperity? Now comes a new study of economic mobility with an intriguing finding – one that should get policy-makers' and nonprofit leaders' attention here and across the country.

The study from the Pew Charitable Trusts Economic Mobility Project looked at neighborhoods, not just individuals or families. What it found was, in many ways, discouraging.

But the study also points to possibilities for new approaches to solving the stubborn problem of urban poverty, especially among black Americans.

Written by New York University sociologist Patrick Sharkey, the Pew report found that living in a poor neighborhood as a child strongly raises the chances that the child will slip downward on the economic ladder as an adult.

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