Senate Panel Votes to Facilitate Military Voting

Publication: The Washington Post

Author: Jim Abrams

07/15/2009 - Legislation to remove some of the red tape that causes the ballots of thousands of military personnel to be lost or uncounted won the approval of a Senate panel Wednesday.

The legislation, giving military and other overseas voters more time to send in ballots and expanding electronic access to voting forms, came two months after a congressional study found that some 25 percent of would-be military voters are disenfranchised because of communications and bureaucratic problems.


The Pew Center on the States, a division of the Pew Charitable Trusts, last January issued a report concluding that 25 states and the District of Columbia do not provide adequate time for overseas military personnel to vote and have their ballots count.

"Our election system has failed military and overseas voters for far too long," said Doug Chapin, the center's director of election initiatives.

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