Survivors of Attacks Sink Teeth Into Fight to Save Sharks

Publication: The Washington Post

Author: David A. Fahrenthold

07/15/2009 - Chuck Anderson is in Washington today to save the thing that bit off his arm.

It happened in June 2000, when he was swimming in the Gulf of Mexico off Alabama. A seven-foot bull shark came up from underneath, knocking him out of the water. It snapped off four of Anderson's fingers, chomped at his belly, then ripped away his right arm below the elbow.

The attack almost killed Anderson, 54. It also turned him into an advocate for one of the most fearsome fish in the sea.


The tiny group was organized by a survivor who works for the nonprofit Pew Environment Group. She began calling others like her to see whether they might offer their unique perspective and lobby for protections. Some balked but several signed on, and Pew agreed to fund their outreach.

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