€4.4bn EU Subsidies Have Boosted Overfishing, Figures Show

Publication: The Guardian

Author: Ian Traynor

06/25/2009 - Spain has raked in more than €2.7bn (£2.29bn) in EU subsidies for its fishing industry over 12 years as part of a spending policy that Brussels admits has been a failure, according to data revealed today.

The figures suggest tens of millions have been spent subsidising vessels and practices exacerbating illegal fishing, increasing EU fleet over-capacity, and compounding overfishing in European waters.


Two NGOs, the Pew Environment Group and EU Transparency, spent almost two years trying to obtain figures for the EU's Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) subsidies. A website – fishsubsidy.org – launched by them today analyses data obtained from the European Commission and member governments. Of €4.4bn in EU handouts to the fishing industry in 1994-2006, Spain got more than €2.7bn and Britain, where the Scottish fleets make up around 70% of the industry, was given €225m – a 12th of the Spanish total.

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