Ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty

Publication: The Washington Post

06/24/2009 - With each passing day, America’s military, economic and environmental security are further threatened by our failure to ratify the treaty that governs ocean navigation and overflight, submarine telecommunications cables and access to undersea resources. The melting sea ice of the Arctic, for example, is opening up new shipping routes and access to potentially vast oil and mineral deposits, setting off an international scramble for rights of passage and claims to undersea treasure. Yet the United States, with the most to gain or lose in this struggle, has no seat at the table where these matters will be decided.

That’s why former U.S. Presidents and Secretaries of State of both major parties along with a very broad range of business, civic, military and environmental leaders strongly support ratification of Law of the Sea. America can’t wait any longer to take this critical step.

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