Research Group Probes Drug Reps' Compliance

Publication: Miami Herald

Author: John Dorschner

06/05/2009 - In light of a federal proposal to shine light on hidden payments to doctors, a Boston-based research group says South Florida medical sales reps are doing a ''crummy'' job of complying with a county regulation regarding their relationship with Jackson Memorial Hospital.

The sales reps—and anyone else attempting to sell to the Jackson system—are required to register as lobbyists and detail how much they spend on Jackson employees.

''We obtained all the records from the county, and it looks like compliance is crummy,'' said Allan Coukell, director of the Pew Prescription Project.

''Very few reps have registered; many major companies are missing; the few that registered filed little or nothing in the way of expenses—even though you've got to know they were bringing lunch etc. to doctors,'' wrote Coukell in an e-mail.

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