Launch of Interactive Web Search Function to Analyze Data from the 2009 Economic Mobility Poll

Contact: Jeremy Ratner, 202.552.2137

Washington, DC - 06/08/2009 - Pew's Economic Mobility Project (EMP) recently launched an interactive search function on its website dedicated to the results of the 2009 poll on Economic Mobility and the American Dream. Released in March of this year, the poll revealed a uniquely American optimism: nearly eight-in-ten respondents said they can still get ahead even in the current economy, and 62 percent said their children will have a higher standard of living than they do. The poll’s findings also have implications for federal public policy; while Americans said the government does more to hurt than help people move up the economic ladder, a vast majority support policy ideas such as making college more affordable, providing financial education, and early-childhood education programs.

The functionality enables users to explore these and other findings in-depth, displaying search results in both chart and table formats. Each of the poll’s questions are available for search, and results can be viewed by a variety of demographic characteristics, including respondents’ age, marital status, race, or geographic location.

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