Study Reveals Changes Among Second-Generation Hispanics

Publication: The New York Times

Author: Sam Roberts

05/28/2009 - Jose, the No. 1 Hispanic name for newborns in the United States, has been declining in popularity for years, and here is one possible reason: The American-born children of parents who arrived in the vast immigrant tide from Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America since 1980 now constitute a majority of Hispanic youngsters in the United States.

“This is the future,” said Jeffrey S. Passel, senior demographer at the Pew Hispanic Center. “The second generation historically has been the generation that becomes American, that integrates.”

Typically, choosing an American name for a newborn member of the second generation has been part of that process.

A Pew center study released Thursday revealed a profound change in the younger Hispanic population compared with 1980, before the latest influx.

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