Area Farms Cite Health Benefits

Publication: Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

Author: Jenni Glenn

05/31/2009 - Few parents would consider giving food laced with antibiotics to a baby.

Then again, most parents aren’t caring for thousands of babies.

It wouldn’t take much for an illness to spread among the 12,000 vulnerable turkey chicks that filled a barn in Mercer County, Ohio, in mid-May. The fluffy, golden chicks, each about 4 days old, clustered under warming lights sharing food and water.

* * *

Bob Martin is the former executive director of the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production. Pew Charitable Trusts launched the temporary independent commission, which studied factory farms and advocated strict limits on antibiotics use in livestock.

The commission agreed it was appropriate to use antibiotics to treat or prevent diseases, said Martin, now a senior officer with Pew Environment Group. But he said farmers shouldn’t compensate for crowded conditions and poor manure management with low doses of daily antibiotics.

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