EU Commission Urges Fishing Cuts

Publication: BBC

Author: Richard Black

04/21/2009 - The EU has far too many fishing boats, and major cuts are needed to make fishing sustainable, according to the European Commission.

The commission's green paper on Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) reform also says fishermen should be given more responsibility for managing stocks.

A copy obtained by BBC News prior to publication on Wednesday says 30% of EU fish stocks are beyond safe limits.


"Irrespective of any reform, a number of fishing fleets are two-three times the size needed to catch the available fish," said Uta Bellion, director of the Pew Environment Group's EU marine programme.

"Only by balancing fleet capacity with fishing opportunity can we secure a CFP that provides long-term socio-economic benefits."

Read the full article EU Commission Urges Fishing Cuts on the BBC's Web site.

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