Practices of Credit Card Companies Under Scrutiny

Publication: The Miami Herald

Author: Tony Pugh

04/20/2009 - Executives of the nation's largest credit-card companies will meet with President Barack Obama at the White House on Thursday to discuss growing concerns about questionable practices in the industry.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday that the meeting would be a chance to stress the need for greater clarity in the way that credit cards are marketed and administered. During his campaign last year, Obama strongly supported legislation to improve the rights of cardholders.

"What we want to do is ensure that people can have access to the credit that they need, but that we can also do this in a way that's transparent and fair and honest. And I think that's one of the things that the president will talk to them about," Gibbs said.

A recent survey of credit card practices by the Pew Charitable Trusts found that of more than 400 cards offered online by the 12 largest issuers, all allowed payments to be applied in ways that disadvantaged cardholders, such as paying off lower-interest balances before those that accrue higher interest.

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Pew is no longer active in this line of work, but for more information visit the Safe Credit Cards Project on

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