Study Still Finds Pulse in Press

Publication: Washington Times

Author: Jennifer Harper

03/17/2009 - DOA? Not quite.

Indeed, the American news media were obsessed with the 2008 presidential election and overwhelmed by complex economic news, and must cope with the stark realities of flagging finances, fickle consumers and challenging technology.

It is "the bleakest" of times, said the 2009 State of the News Media Report, released Monday by the Project for Excellence in Journalism.

But the press is still standing. There is some promise in the future. In print, broadcast and online, the news media have an eager, evolving audience and a landscape brimming with vitality - not to mention huge amounts of news.

"We still do not subscribe to the theory that the death of the industry is imminent," the 700-page report said, noting that newspapers in particular "remained profitable," though their overall revenue declined 16 percent in the past 12 months.

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