Quebec Protects More Land

Publication: The Montreal Gazette

03/30/2009 - The Quebec government has added 18,000 square kilometres of land to the amount already protected in the province, bringing the total to 135,326 square kilometres - the size of new Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island combined.


Environmental groups applauded the move, as well as future commitments to add another four per cent province-wide and to protect at least half of northern Quebec.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada said Quebec is now among the leaders of conservation in the country in its efforts to preserve the ecosystem and habitats of endangered species.

The Pew Environment Group, which is involved in the International Boreal Conservation Campaign, also applauded the First Nations and Inuit who have decided to protect the land.

"Just five years ago, Quebec was behind the curve in protecting its natural heritage," Mathew Jacobson, of Pew Environment Group, said in a statement. "Now it's on its way to becoming a world leader."

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