Column: American Dream Still Surpasses Class Warfare

Publication: The Detroit News

Author: Amber Arellano

03/23/2009 - The masses are calling for AIG execs' heads. The majority of Americans support a bill to make it easier for unions to organize. Bashing greedy Wall Street tycoons has become fashionably fun.

There's no doubt Americans are hung-over from the go-go 1990s. As the boom continues to bust, the country's mood is shifting from celebrating the individualistic, ambitious business entrepreneur to the average hard-working guy who's unfairly getting the shaft from the recession and globalization.

But there's hardly a class war afoot as some on the ideological left and right are arguing.


Despite each sides' propaganda, most Americans are uninterested in such class-based fights -- and new research supports that. The Pew Charitable Trust finds most Americans are still relatively upbeat about their potential to reach the American dream but they want to make sure everyone has a fair chance to do that.

Pew has launched the admirable Economic Mobility Project to address that topic at

"The idea was to try to forge some bipartisan agreement as the facts, figures and trends on economic mobility," says John Morton, managing director of economy policy for The Pew Charitable Trust. "This is an issue that unites the right, left and center."

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