Editorial: Days at Sea Failure

Publication: Bangor Daily News

01/16/2009 - The news from the National Marine Fisheries Service this week was as inevitable as it was devastating: The number of days fishermen are allowed to harvest their catch would be cut again this year, to only 20 days for some. After years of reducing so-called “days at sea” and putting areas off-limits to fishing, both fishermen and conservation groups agree a new approach is needed. They would be wise to team up and devise one, based on localized management, before the federal government does.

NMFS announced Wednesday that it planned to reduce days at sea by 18 percent for the groundfishing season that begins May 1, with further reductions for a large portion of the Gulf of Maine.


The rule “will not solve our problems and may well cost many of the region’s fishermen their livelihoods,” said Peter Baker, manager of the Pew Environment Group’s End Overfishing in New England campaign. “The time for a new approach has come.”

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